Our new vision launches

Our new vision launches

New vision launches to encourage North Wales communities to be more active

The first regional physical activity and sports partnership to go live in Wales has launched a new ten year strategy to improve health and wellbeing across North Wales communities by raising awareness of the wide benefits of leading a more active lifestyle. 

Actif North Wales is made up of a wide range of organisations, including local authorities, housing associations, the local health board, organisations from the education sector and equality organisations to agree to work differently to achieve a shared purpose of more active communities in North Wales.

Only 51% of adults are currently meeting the recommended physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week, while the number of children and young people taking part in sport three times a week outside of the curriculum has fallen to 39% from 47% in 2018.

Actif North Wales’ strategy aims to address this by better understanding this downward trend in participation and creating and promoting opportunities for everyone to be active in ways that work for them.  

The partnership also aims to collaborate with other organisations across North Wales to better understand the barriers and challenges people face to being active and to make moving more the norm.  

Manon Rees-O’Brien, Regional Director of Actif North Wales, said: “The launch of this strategy and vision to encourage everyone in North Wales to 

be active follows lots of consultation with organisations and communities across the region to really understand the challenges people face to being active.  

“Physical activity and sport can play a vital role not just in supporting good mental and physical health and wellbeing for all, but it has the power to bring people together to have fun, improve wellbeing and self-confidence, reduce social isolation, and help to build stronger, safer communities.”

Data also shows that people living within the most deprived communities in North Wales tend to be less active than those living in more affluent areas.  Recent figures show that there is a clear gap in sports participation levels, with a much higher proportion of children and young people from the more affluent areas taking part in sport three times a week outside of curriculum.  These participation statistics are also lower for girls, those from an ethnically diverse community or disabled children and young people or those with an impairment.

Manon added: “We’re working to further develop the already strong collaborative foundations we have here in North Wales, working in partnership in new and innovative ways to make a long term and sustainable difference to the health of the population. 

“We live in a wonderful region to be active and Actif North Wales is committed to supporting and enabling as many people as possible to make the most of a more active lifestyle.”

Brian Davies, Sport Wales CEO said:

“Actif North Wales is the first of 5 Regional Sport Partnerships planned across the country, being developed to change the way that sport is 

delivered within our communities, as we look to remove the stubborn barriers that have stopped too many from taking part, for too long.

We are excited to be working with the Partnership to provide greater and more suitable opportunities for the people in North Wales to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.”


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