Place based working

Place-based working to encourage more people to be active in their local community

What is place based working?

Actif North Wales has secured funding from the UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) to test and pilot a place-based approach to physical activity in four areas of North Wales – Flintshire, Denbighshire, Gwynedd and Anglesey.

Place-based working is an approach that focuses on the place and the environment in which people live and work, and considers the barriers people face to physical activity, sport and movement. It also sees citizens as the drivers of change by shifting power from local services and organisations to local citizens. 

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Key elements

Working with four local authorities and a wide range of local partners, Actif North Wales’ aim is to empower communities to drive change when it comes to movement and physical activity by encouraging them to explore and identify the strengths of their local area. 

Key elements of this work include:

  • Building and supporting a team of community co-ordinators to work with partners and communities to test new ways of working. 
  • Engaging local citizens around what they believe their local assets and strengths are, and to understand what matters most to them about the way they move and how they use local spaces and places to be active. 
  • Delivering a series of engagement opportunities to understand and map what their local assets are, as well as support individuals and communities to develop their own stories about the strengths of their area and what’s important to them.

How to get involved

If you’d like to get involved in this work, please get in touch with the local co-ordinator in your area:

Ynys Môn/Anglesey:
Gwenno Pritchard

Joe Simpson

Denbigh – Megan Moores: –
Corwen – Becky Roberts:

Andy Tower